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From the beginning, Epic has always focused on projects that excited our team.  There’s been this very organic strategy to only pursue the projects that fit our style and nearly 20-years later, we find ourselves traveling the world working with like-minded companies that appreciate our energy and unique style.  Almost everyday friends and family ask us, “Do you ever work or just travel the world having fun?” Little do they know if it’s done right, you’ll never know the difference.

We are branding experts, We are storytellers.  There is a powerful opportunity to showcase a brand through creative digital assets.  In today's digital world, your brand must be tight and interesting to hold one's attention for more than a few seconds.  We specialize in developing those assets that separate your brand from the ordinary.

creative team

Clint BIO2.png



writer, director, editor

Clint founded Epic in 2004 with a few years experience filming the action-sports world.  Utilizing a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a Master's degree in New Media, Clint intertwined marketing theory with creative cinematography and eventually started growing the team with talented like-minded people.

OUTSIDE WORK: Clint fulfilled a lifelong dream to become a pilot and now flies the team to film shoots around the country.  He still sucks at guitar after 20-years or playing, and spends most his free time in the outdoors.




producer, graphic designer

Kyle brings a young energy and new level of expertise to the Epic Team.  He's a very talented graphic designer and has a very creative eye behind the camera.  

OUTSIDE WORK: Kyle runs a popular fan page for the movie series Dune and was recently invited by Dolby to the Red Carpet Premiere for Dune Part II in NYC as an influencer.  In his free time Kyle can be found on the lake wake surfing, and rolling 300's at the local bowling alley.

Laurie BIO.jpg



executive producer

Laurie joined our team in 2012 and quickly brought new skill-sets to our team.  Laurie runs the show on-set managing talent, scripts, shotlists, and creative consistency.  She is a talented real-estate photographer and graphic designer. 


OUTSIDE WORK: Laurie is a talented chef, and gets invited to cook for outdoor camps all over the country.  She also rips trails on her dirtbike, and is an advanced open water diver.

Benton BIO.png



director of photography

Benton wondered into our studio in 2010 asking if we were hiring... we had no idea the amount of talent he'd bring to our team.  Benton graduated from CU Boulder and went to film school in Berkley, CA. He was recruited by GoPro for a while, before leaving the corporate structure and returning to Epic to pursue more creative freedom.  

OUTSIDE WORK: Benton is a world-traveler and has captured content across many continents. He hikes/bikes mountains, shreads powder, and recently took up big-game hunting.

We've been working with other creative's in the industry for the past 20-years.  Our network of website designers, graphic designers, lighting and audio specialist, and social-media experts is extensive.  We build solid teams custom-tiered for each individual project.

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