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STAY EPIC offers an array of creative services, but video production is what separates us from everyone else. 
This REEL showcases our abilities, please enjoy.

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Featured Project

We had the opportunity to travel the countryside with one of the world's most notorious drug smugglers, the one and only George Jung.  George famously worked with Pablo Escobar in the 1960's and his story was later portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2004 blockbuster movie BLOW.  George was released from a 23-year prison sentence in 2017 and Epic was given the opportunity to travel the Country reuniting George with dozens of old friends, colleagues, and DEA agents that shaped his life.  We even had the privilege of working with Johnny Depp as he explained the process of becoming George for the movie, and what a remarkable role George played in his life thereafter.  In the end, we spent 3-years with George and produced a 4-part documentary that is now streaming on Amazon Video, Apple TV, and Fandor.  He 

influenced our lives on a personal level, inspiring our team to reach far and dream big.  We are honored to have written, directed, and edited his story to share with the world.

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Although we offer an array of Marketing Services, we excel in Video Production  |  Watch Our Work


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